Chi to Mitsu ~ Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror (血と蜜〜Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror) is the tenth best album by ALI PROJECT for their 25th anniversary. It was released on September 9, 2017 as deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray edition.

Album InformationsEdit

The album comes with a Blu-ray disk featuring 2 new music videos of the new songs based from the album theme.

  • Catalog Number: LACA−9514~5


Disc 1 - CD (Gothic Lolita)Edit

  1. "Watashi no Bara o Haminasai" (私の薔薇を喰みなさい; Eat my Roses)
  2. "ALICE Douzai Innocent" (ALICE同罪イノセント ; ALICE, Innocent of the Same Crime)
  3. "Rose-ke no Futago-tachi" (ローズ家の双子達 ; Twins of the Rose House)
  4. "Yuri no Hibi wa Tsuioku no Naka ni Hisomi Kaoru" (百合の日々は追憶の中に潜み薫る)
  5. "Otome no Aganai" (乙女の贖い; A Maiden's Redemption)
  6. "Reijou Bara Zukan" (令嬢薔薇図鑑; Miss Rose Picture Book)
  7. "Barami to Yurine no Fushigina Hotel" (薔薇美と百合寧の不思議なホテル ; Mysterious Hotel of Barami and Yurine)
  8. "Lolicate"
  9. "à la cuisine" (in the kitchen)
  10. "Shoujo to Suimitsutou" (少女と水蜜桃; Girl and Peach)
  11. "Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita"
  12. "Kinjirareta Asobi {strings ver.}" (禁じられた遊び; Forbidden Games)
  13. "Seishoujo Ryouiki {orchestra ver.}" (聖少女領域; Domain of Holy Girls)
  14. "Baragoku Otome {strings ver.}" (薔薇獄乙女; Rose Jail Maiden)
  15. "Fräulein Rose" (Rose Maiden)
  16. "Koyoi, Aoi Mori Fukaku" (今宵、碧い森深く)

Disc 2 - CD (Gothic Horror)Edit

  1. "Kyoumu Densen" (凶夢伝染; Contagious Evil Dreams)
  2. "Zekka Zange Shinjuu" (雪華懺悔心中 ; Snow Flower's Confession of Double Suicide)
  3. "Yomi no Tasogare no, Utsuronaru Aoki Hitomi no." (夜見のたそがれの、うつろなる蒼き瞳の。; A Twilight in Hell, Reflected in Pale Blue Eyes.)
  4. "Chi no Danshou" (血の断章 ; A Passage of Blood)
  5. "Rokudou Rinne Survival" (六道輪廻サバイバル ; Survival of Six Paths of Transmigration)
  6. "Kinsho" (禁書 ; Forbidden Literature)
  7. "Shoujo Missou ~Le sang et le miel" (少女蜜葬~Le sang et le miel; Girl's Sweet Burial ~Blood and Honey)
  8. "Pekin LOVERS" (北京LOVERS ; Beijing Lovers)
  9. "Ahen Shindai" (阿芙蓉寝台; Opium Bed)
  10. "Renge Yuuren" (蓮華幽恋 ; Lotus' Profound Love)
  11. "Gantai Usagi to Houtai Hitsuji no Märchen" (眼帯兎と包帯羊のMärchen ; Tale of the Eyepatched Rabbit and the Bandaged Sheep)
  12. "Roudoku suru Jochuu to Chiisana Reijou" (朗読する女中と小さな令嬢 ; The Reciting Maid and the Little Miss)
  13. "Onna Keshou Bugakuzu" (女化生舞楽図 ; Bugaku Scene of a Woman's Metamorphosis)
  14. "Akai Rousoku to Kingyo" (赤い蝋燭と金魚 ; Red Candle and Goldfish)
  15. "Himitsu no Hanazono" (秘密の花薗; Secret Flower Garden)

Disc 3 - Blu-rayEdit

  1. "Shoujo Missou ~Le sang et le miel Music Clip"
  2. "Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita Music Clip"
  3. "Chi to Mitsu ~Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror -Shooting in France-"

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【ALIPROJECT】新曲「Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita」Music Clip Short ver

【ALIPROJECT】新曲「Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita」Music Clip Short ver.

Royal Academy of Gothic Lolita MV

【ALIPROJECT】新曲「少女蜜葬~Le sang et le miel」Music Clip Short ver

【ALIPROJECT】新曲「少女蜜葬~Le sang et le miel」Music Clip Short ver.

Shoujo Missou ~Le sang et le miel MV

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