EROTIC&HERETIC is the 6th album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on July 24, 2002.

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The only album released from Victor Entertainment.

  • Catalog Number: VICL-60903


  2. "Aka to Kuro" (Album version) (赤と黒 ; Red and Black)
  3. "Nettaisei Shokubutsuen" (熱帯性植物園 ; Tropical Garden)
  4. "Yuugetsu Renka" (遊月恋歌 ; Evening Moon Love Song)
  5. "schism"
  6. "Lolita in the garret"
  7. "Toki no Mori no Soiree" (時の森のソワレ ; Soiree of the Forest of Time)
  8. "Sensou to Heiwa" (戦争と平和 ; War and Peace)
  9. "Muma no Yoru, Anata o Mukaeru Mono ga Aru" (夢魔の夜、あなたを迎える者がある ; On a Night of Succubus, There Is One Who Welcomes You)
  10. "Arabesque Romanesque"
  11. "Nostalgia"

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