Gansakushi (贋作師; Counterfeiter) is the 12th album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on July 18, 2012.

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This album's theme is truth and fake. The cover art depicts Velázquez' portrait "La infanta Margarita de Austria".

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-77139


  1. "Gansakushi" (贋作師; Counterfeiter)
  2. "ALICE Douzai Innocent" (ALICE同罪イノセント ; ALICE, Innocent of the Same Crime)
  3. "Renge Yuuren" (蓮華幽恋 ; Lotus' Profound Love)
  4. "Shingi Nisemono Yuurankai" (真偽贋者遊覧会 ; Dubious Imposter Watching Fair)
  5. "La vérité" (The Truth)
  6. "Yasei Souseiji" (野性双生児 ; Wild Twins)
  7. "Ikeru Oujo no Shouzouga" (逝ける王女の肖像画 ; Portrait of Dying Princess)
  8. "Manatsu no Yuushuu Fujin" (真夏の憂愁夫人 ; Melancholy Madam of Midsummer)
  9. "Tenken to Choukoku" (天譴と超克 ; Divine Punishment and Conquest)
  10. "RED WALTZ"

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