Gekkou Shikoushou (月光嗜好症; Moonlight Intoxication) is the 1st strings album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on April 23, 2003.

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As the very first strings album, most of the songs in this album is arrangement of their past songs, with 3 new songs.

  • Catalog Number: AECP-1008


  1. "Gekkou Soiree" (instrumental) (月光ソワレ)
  2. "Akai Suiren no Gogo" (紅い睡蓮の午後)
  3. "Platonic" (プラトニック)
  4. "Narcisse Noir" (ナルシス・ノワール)
  5. "Sakura no Hana wa Kuruizaki" (桜の花は狂い咲き)
  6. "Coppelia no Hitsugi" (コッペリアの柩)
  7. "Tsuki no Naka no Shoujo" (instrumental) (月のなかの少女)
  8. "Seigetsuya" (星月夜)
  9. "Kyougetsutei de Aimashou" (共月亭で逢いましょう)
  10. "Féliciter"

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