Kinsho (禁書 ; Forbidden Literature) is the 9th album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on August 27, 2008.

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Lyricist Arika said the album's theme is a forbidden book, and each song representing banned stories in said book. The eleventh track is new version of their 8th single Peony Pink's B-side, featured as a bonus track.

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-77132


  1. "Kamikaze" (神風 ; Divine Wind)
  2. "Mokushiroku Zengi" (黙示録前戯 ; Apocalypse Foreplay)
  3. "Hetero Shitsurakuen" (ヘテロ失楽園 ; Hetero Paradise Lost)
  4. "Nemureru Hyou" (眠れる豹 ; Sleeping Leopard)
  5. "Chi no Danshou" (血の断章 ; A Passage of Blood)
  6. "Kinsho" (禁書 ; Forbidden Literature)
  7. "Zekka Zange Shinjuu" (雪華懺悔心中 ; Snow Flower's Confession of Double Suicide)
  8. "Kou" (薨 ; Death of a Nobleman)
  9. "Chiisaki Mono e no Shokuzai no Tame no Sonata" (小さき者への贖罪の為のソナタ ; A Sonata for the Minor Persons Atonement)
  10. "Sonata of Ember Glance"
  11. "Tsukiyo no Pierette" (月夜のピエレット ; Pierette of a Moonlit Night)

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