Les Papillons is the 7th strings album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on June 29, 2011.

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As the name suggests, theme of this album is butterflies, which featured in song names, lyrics and booklet pages.

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-77138


  1. "Himitsu no Hanazono" (秘密の花薗 ; Secret Flower Garden)
  2. "Tentai Ruriboshi Mangekyou" (天体瑠璃星万華鏡 ; Celestial Azure Star Kaleidoscope)
  3. "Kochou Yume Shinjuu" (胡蝶夢心中 ; Butterfly's Dream of Double Suicide)
  4. "Shura to Chou" (修羅と蝶 ; Fighting and Butterflies)
  5. "Gantai Usagi to Houtai Hitsuji no Märchen" (眼帯兎と包帯羊のMärchen ; Tale of the Eyepatched Rabbit and the Bandaged Sheep)
  6. "Papillon Rinne" (パピヨン輪廻 ; Butterfly of Reincarnation)
  7. "Oumagajou no Hakushaku" (逢魔蛾城の伯爵 ; A Count of the Twilit Moth Castle)
  8. "Kakumei no Ketsumyaku" (革命の血脈 ; The Blood Vessel of Revolution)
  9. "Kimi no Na o" (君の名を ; Your Name)
  10. "Les Papillons" (Butterflies)

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