Poison is the 10th album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on August 26, 2009.

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The album was supposed to be all romantic and bewitching songs, but after composing Shanghai Ryouran Romantica, Mikiya Katakura started make songs like their usual style.

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-77133


  1. "Poisoner"
  2. "Shojo Kaitai, Arui wa Hakkotsutou Yori SHoujo-tachi wa Hishou Suru" (処女懐胎、あるいは白骨塔より少女たちは飛翔する ; A Virgin Birth, Or the Girls Take Flight Off the Bone Tower)
  3. "O-Dokumi Lady" (お毒味LADY ; Poison Tasting Lady)
  4. "Ahen Shindai" (阿芙蓉寝台 ; Opium Bed)
  5. "Gokushoku Ichidai Onna" (極色一代女 ; Woman of a Colorful Generation)
  6. "Animals on the Earth"
  7. "Shanghai Ryouran Romantica" (上海繚乱ロマンチカ ; Shanghai Romantic Profusion)
  8. "Seikimatsu Genesis" (世紀末ゲネシス ; End of the Century Genesis)
  9. "Kono Kuni no Mukou ni" (この國の向こうに ; Beyond This Country)
  10. "discipline" (Instrumental)

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