Psychedelic Insanity is the 8th album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on August 22, 2007.

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This album introduces new sub-genre, Cyber Gothic.

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-77129


  1. "Seiran Keppuuroku" (青嵐血風録 ; Record of Blood Mountain Air)
  2. "Ankoku Psychedelic" (暗黒サイケデリック ; Dark Psychedelic)
  4. "Kochou Yume Shinjuu" (胡蝶夢心中 ; Butterfly's Dream of Double Suicide)
  5. "Matowareshi Monora" (纏われし者ら ; The Ones Obsessed)
  6. "Yokubou" (欲望 ; Lust)
  7. "Arabia layla Gendan" (暴夜layla幻談 ; Arabian Night Tales)
  8. "Rokudou Rinne Survival" (六道輪廻サバイバル ; Survival of Six Paths of Transmigration)
  9. "Wakai Shisha kara no Requiem" (若い死者からのレクイエム ; Requiem from Young Dead)
  10. "gai désespoir" -Instrumental- (cheerful despair)

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