Zettai Ongaku (絶対音楽; Absolute Music) is an instrumental, also ninth best album by ALI PROJECT. It was released on March 5, 2014.

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This best album is entirely focused on band's intrumental numbers. While most of the songs are from its original release in band's albums, Yawarakana Hada is in its original version, and Arabesque Romanesque is in its orchestral Grand Finale version.

  • Catalog Number: TKCU-78100


  1. "Romance"
  2. "Les Papillons"
  3. "Arabesque Romanesque"
  4. "Visconti Chic"
  5. "Yawarakana Hada" (柔らかな肌 ; Soft Skin)
  6. "Café du Soleil"
  7. "Tsuki no Naka no Shoujo" (月のなかの少女 ; Girl in the Moon)
  8. "gai désespoir"
  9. "Platanus no Hazue ni Kaze wa Nemuru" (プラタナスの葉末に風は眠る ; The Wind is Sleeping on the Leaf Tips of a Sycamore)
  10. "Étoiles"
  11. "Gothic Opera"
  12. "Magritte Et Georgette"
  13. "Inishie Hito no Kotoba" (いにしへひとの言葉 ; Word of an Ancient Person)
  14. "Kono Kuni yo Shizuka ni Mezametamae" (この國よ静かに目覚めたまえ ; This Country, Quietly Awake)
  15. "Sonata of Ember Glance"
  16. "Dignity of the Orient"
  17. "Gekkou Soiree" (月光ソワレ ; Moonlight Soiree)

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